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Nudie Bar Soap Co®



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Step into the groovy world of "Flirty Hippie"!  This far-out soap is like a time machine straight back to the swinging 60s, man!

We've drenched this beauty in the sweet aromas of essential oils, capturing the essence of peace, love, and all things natural. With a colorful twist, we've used vibrant clays to give you the most righteous and wholesome bar of soap.

Get ready to be transported by the captivating scent combination of lavender, patchouli, geranium, and clove essential oils. It's a fragrant symphony that'll have you feeling like you're floating on a cloud of flower power.

We've put the utmost care into crafting this soap, using saponified oils of organic coconut, sustainable organic palm, organic olive, and organic sunflower. To make it even more far-out, we've added a touch of organic cocoa butter, along with white and rose kaolin clays and organic cane sugar.

Experience the magic of the past with our "Flirty Hippie" soap, where love and nature intertwine in a far-out fusion. Each bar is like a mini work of art, man, lovingly created for your trippy bathing experience.

So, get ready to channel your inner flower child and immerse yourself in the good vibes. This soap is the perfect way to groove back to the groovy 60s, even if you missed the party the first time around.

Join the movement, spread love, and lather up with our "Flirty Hippie" soap. It's time to embrace the power of peace, love, and clean skin, baby!

This listing is for a single bar of soap.

Our soap bars are hand cut and beveled. Our bars are curred for 4-8 weeks to produce a hard, longer lasting, gentler soap. Each bar weighs between 5-5.5 oz.

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