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Hey there, soap enthusiast! Get ready to groove with the grooviest pride bar in town, because we've taken it to a whole new level of psychedelic bliss! Introducing the fabulous Hippie Dippie Tie Dye soap, your ticket to a rainbow-infused bathing experience that's outta sight!

Every year, we shake things up and switch up our pride bar game. Last year, it was all about the classic flag, and the year before, we rocked a drop swirl in a deep purple base. But this year, baby, it's all about the groovy tie-dye vibes! Picture all the colors of the rainbow swirling together in perfect harmony, creating a soap that's as cool as can be.

And the scent, oh my stars! It's a wild fusion of tantalizing wild blackberries, zesty lemon, tangy mandarin, delightful mimosa, alluring jasmine, and a touch of radiant orange blossom. But wait, there's more! Notes of cedar, amber, and musk join the party, adding a groovy depth that's just right, man. It's like a fragrance trip you won't want to miss!

But let's talk ingredients, because this soap is the real deal. We've used organic, saponified oils of coconut, sustainable and traceable palm, olive, sunflower, and cocoa butter to create a soap that's as natural as the summer breeze. And guess what? It's got a clean fragrance oil, organic cane sugar, mica for that extra shimmer, kaolin clay to pamper your skin, and tussah silk fibers to make it super smooth. It's a groovy blend of goodness, baby!

This listing is your golden ticket to soap heaven—a single bar of pure bliss. And let me tell you, our soap bars are a labor of love. We hand-cut them with precision and bevel them to perfection. And to make them extra special, we cure them for 4-8 weeks, creating a harder, longer-lasting, and gentler soap. Each bar weighs between 4.5-5 ounces, giving you plenty of good vibes to go around.

So, my friend, are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of Hippie Dippie Tie Dye soap? It's time to embrace your inner flower child, lather up in groovy colors, and let the magic of this soap take you on a journey back to the grooviest times. Get ready to feel the love and spread those good vibrations with each wash! Peace, love, and soap, baby!

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