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Nudie Bar Soap Co®

SINGLE BAR Nudie-Scription/Free Shipping

SINGLE BAR Nudie-Scription/Free Shipping

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Introducing the Fabulous Soap Soiree! Indulge in the Nudie-scription, a mesmerizing monthly delight where a singular, captivating bar of soap accompanied by a tantalizing soap sample gracefully waltz their way into your awaiting embrace. Prepare for a breathtaking experience as your inaugural order is whisked away to your abode without delay. And as the calendar marks the celestial fifteenth day of each subsequent month, be prepared to be enchanted yet again by the mystical arrival of your next cleansing companion.

And there's more! Traverse this cleansing journey without the burden of shipping costs, as we bestow upon you the grandeur of free shipping within the majestic lands of the continental US.

Embrace the craftsmanship that elevates our soap bars to the pinnacle of elegance. Each meticulously hand-cut creation, adorned with graceful bevels, is tenderly nurtured for a grand duration of 4-8 weeks. This arduous process bequeaths upon you a soap of formidable fortitude, enduring longer and caressing your skin with a gentleness reserved for celestial entities. Witness the grandeur as each bar bestows upon your realm a weighty presence, between the enchanting scales of 4.5-5 oz.

Come, step into the realm of this kitschy soap subscription, where artistry and indulgence converge in a dance of exquisite opulence. Allow the Nudie-scription to accompany you on this whimsical odyssey, awakening your senses and embracing your soul with each and every lather.

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